My parents, after years of thinking, wanted to have an estate plan set up. After a lengthy research process, I found Mark's law firm. After reaching out to Mark and learning about his decades of estate planning expertise, I felt very comfortable setting up a consultation for my parents with Mark. After my parents met with Mark and his team, they were also very impressed with Mark's legal knowledge as he was able to address each and every questions they had. Overall, Mark and his team, (especially Nicole who the made signing process a breeze), made the entire process of getting an estate plan and putting it into a place very easy and stress free. We wholeheartedly recommend Mark and Nicole to anyone or any family thinking about getting an estate plan in place.

-David from Avvo Reviews

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Mark was very helpful. He had answers to all of my questions and was able to walk me through everything. I ended the call feeling satisfied with the information and direction he provided me with.


Mr. Mueller Answered my questions and was really helpful with my document review. I felt relieved because he was so helpful

Mark was a pleasure to talk to, was very informative, and knowledgeable of my situation, and gave me the information I needed to help resolve a situation I am dealing with.”

Ray M.

I have worked with Mark a couple times and received excellent legal advice and candor. Mark provided the legal advice I needed for my startup business.

Joe S.

Mark was a great listener. He was able to answer our questions in an understandable manner and allow us to make smart decisions with our estate planning.


This was an excellent consult. Mark quickly got to the point of the consultation, taking ng the right amount of time to understand my situation and explain in plain terms the legal implications of each of my choices. Excellent back and forth discussion so I could make an informed decision.

Dr. Eddie

The process was great! Mark was very patient and answered all of my questions thoroughly. He was very knowledgeable about everything.


Mark was knowledgeable, patient and able to answer all of my questions in great detail. He made sure to explained every topic I presented in a manner that was easy to understand.

New CEO30

I appreciate the professionalism with which Mr. Mueller handled my legal problem. He was knowledgeable about the subject matter and helped me to avoid future legal complications. I appreciate Mr. Mueller's help!


Mark was very courteous and professional. He did not rush the consultation and answered all of my questions with concise answers. The best interaction I’ve ever had with an attorney.


Great discussion. Explained everything perfect and gave me a action plan


Mark was very professional and answered all of our questions. He also showcased a clear understanding of the law and its implications as he was able to steer us in the direction we wanted to go.

JJ Perino

Very Nice and knowledgeable. He gave great suggestions, made sure my needs were met, and broke down complicated concepts.


Right away, I found him easy to talk to. He dispensed his counsel in a calm and unhurried way that was easy to follow and understand. I feel I received sound advice.

WNF Consulting

He was timely, thorough and a great communicator. He was sure to clarify and even sent a follow up email to recap... so whether you're on the go or at work, he's got you covered!


The process was fast, easy to understand, and it fit my needs perfectly. Mark emailed me back an answer to a question I had and included a transcript of our conversation; all in the same day.


I am really thankful for the help on all my questions, it is great knowledge that I will use throughout my career now.


Mark called at the right time and the service was excellent. He discussed the agreement in detail, discussed the areas of concerns and then he also sent his comments thru follow up e-mail. That s exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Mark.


After thoroughly updating my husband's and my will, power of attorney, etc, I asked Mark to provide me some background on a matter I had to make a decision on soon. I was so pleased to have a clear, instructive response in several days. He was very thorough, giving me legal background and the current rules pertaining to my concern. Very pleased with all his work.


Avvo Reviews

Mark executed multiple legal transactions on my behalf after the sudden death of my spouse in a timely , efficient & compassionate manner. I appreciate the fact that he is very accessible by phone or email. He always takes the time to explain everything thoroughly to enable me to make informed decisions. He recently assisted me in the sale of my home, purchase of a condo, transferring property into a trust, & locating legal representation for the sale of out of state property. Very grateful for his trusted counsel & friendship.


Avvo Reviews